Performance Characteristics

We know from the practice that operation safety and constant performance is important for the production since machine failures may result in extraordinary costs.

Our continuously up to date knowledge in the technical field and the modern equipment of our plant provide very efficient maintenance and problem solution for your facilities.

Our personnel is continuously trained in the latest developments regarding maintenance and commissioning of fans.

Your benefits of a single point of contact: we do not only provide services for machines purchased from us but also of machines purchased from other suppliers. We provide a wide range of services for fans.

Our individual maintenance concept guarantees optimal performance and operation safety.

Our service team will help you in emergency cases and provide you with technical assistance at any time of the day.

We do not only provide services regarding machines you purchased from us, but also machines of other suppliers. You can obtain all services regarding fans from us from a single point.

Service Offerings:

  • Technical consulting
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Inspection
  • Balancing
  • Maintenance / Maintenance contracts
  • Flow measurements
  • Sound and swing measurements
  • Spare parts
  • ... also for foreign products!

We provide you with original complying spare parts. Our service personnel is using the information from these original documents as basis to adapt the performances of the fans and in order to improve their characteristics.

We guarantee the spare parts supply for many years.


We offer our customers the great advantage that they will not need any further service providers after performed measurement services. Also, repairs can be performed by our specialists. The concluding test operation, along with the necessary measurements is recorded with a measurement report.

Our Comprehensive Repair Services:

  • On site fan bearing changes
  • Maintenance or renovation of fan casings
  • Fan swing measurements
  • On site engine bearing changes
  • On site repair or renovation of the impeller
  • Replacement of the impeller, blade or drive shaft
  • Replacement of other fan or filter spare parts
  • Replacement of plant parts
  • Storage of electrical engines
  • Reconditioning of belt drives
  • Dynamic balancing of the impeller


We undertake the management of the erecting or the erection itself at the installation and delivery of the fans. We use modern testing methods, which we observe during the initial operation period of the fans and adapt to the prevailing conditions on site in order to accelerate this process.

Subsequently, our specialist personnel trains your personnel regarding the handling of the devices. Beside this, we provide you with information on the pipe and power lines and hints for an efficient utilisation, as well as technical assistance during the operation.


Regular and diligent maintenance and care preserve devices and persons. Maintenance prolongs the lifetime of the products and ensures its quality. Our service team replaces damaged or worn parts only with original parts.

We gladly provide advice regarding maintenance terms, spare parts and material requirements, repair costs and repair times.

We are able to identify and prevent failures by balance measurements and values before it comes to an outage. In most cases, we are able to balance the impellers without switching of the fans. We can significantly prolong the lifetime of the fans.