Performance Scope

As a specialist in industrial fans/industrial blowers and aeration systems, we stand for high quality standards and customer oriented solutions.

Rely on us at the development, realisation and production of radial fans and more, known for their diversity and resilience. Our delivery scope includes:

  • The manufacture of fans with direct drive, coupling drive, belt drive and inverter drive   along with the necessary calculation
  • Installation and commissioning of fans and plants (standard and one-off fans)
  • Repair of fans and plants
  • Spare parts services (i.e. electro engines, base frame, swing elements, compensators, pipe lines, ducts)
  • Maintenance
  • Energy efficiency
  • On site balancing and operation balancing
  • Fans with rotor scope speeds up to 280 m/s
  • Fans with calculatable and manufacturable working temperatures between - 180 °C to 1200 °C
  • Fans with calculatable and manufacturable system pressures between 0.4 bar to 200 bar
  • Increase of energy efficiency of fans. (only as necessary energy consumption)
  • Plant optimization and system optimization
  • Performance improvement
  • Silencer design
  • Insulation design for sound and temperature
  • Engine performances, which can be produced according to performance requirements up to 8.000 KW and more
  • Financing services