Process- / System Optimization

The fans of proaid LUFTTECHNIK are used worldwide in large power plants, waste burning plants, steel or cement plants... not least because they fulfil the demands in terms of performance power and availability.

But we strongly take care on the economic efficiency, too, for which this issue is already considered at proaid LUFTTECHNIK during the planning. Secured knowledge about process related frame conditions provide us with the basis in order to adopt the process to your requirements down to the last detail.

We show the same diligence in the selection of an energy efficient and low-sound solution. We present you, as a result, with measures to be implemented for an optimization, which will assure a maximal trouble-free and economic operation of the plant.

The positive side effect is that you save energy and therefore contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Performance Improvement

We assist you in improving the performances of your fans without the need to replace these later. Our specialist co-workers are able to ensure an improvement of the performance by the adaptation of the system, e.g. by optimization measures of the installation of a filter, instead of replacing the plant.

A performance improvement is achieved by, for example, mechanical regulation processes like choke and twist regulation. With the adaption of the rotation speed regulation we archive that only so much pressure increase incurs at the respective operation point as required by the system in order to enforce the necessary volume flow.

We would be glad to introduce you to your diverse possibilities to save on cost and time, which ranges from small changes up to a reorganization of the process.

Energy Efficiency

Energy saving and reduction of the CO2 emissions have far-reaching importance nowadays. Systemic calculations along with our long-term experience and our knowledge ensure that your fans will not consume more energy as necessary for the operation.

We at proaid LUFTTECHNIK can provide this for you with rotation speed regulated fan systems. These consists three components which are explicitly tuned to each other. The increased costs of such a rotation speed regulated system are amortized within two years on average by the saving effects (up to one third).