Just the enter volume value (volume) in the right line..
In Decimal input is the point to use
Comma input gives incorrect results!
Barrel (UK oil)
Barrel (US oil)
Board feet
Bushel (UK)
Bushel (US, dry)
Kubikzentimeter (cm3)
Cubic feet (ft3)
Cubic inch (in3)
Kubikmeter (m3)
Kubikmillimeter (mm3)
Cubic yard = ft3/27
Cups (US, liq)
Dram (UK, liq)
Dram (US, liq)
Firkin (UK, liq)
Gallon (UK)
Gallon (US, dry)
Gallon (US, liq)
Gill (UK)
Gill (US)
Liter (dm3)
Minim (UK)
Minim (US)
Ounce (UK, liq)
Ounce (US, liq)
Peck (UK)
Peck (US)
Pint (UK)
Pint (US, dry)
Pint (US, liq)
Quart (UK)
Quart (US, dry)
Quart (US, liq)
Tablespoon (US)
Teaspoon (US)